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A Capella Sheet Music

Whether working with a choir of soloists or a vocal band using microphones - you can find a wide variety of arrangements for your ensemble here.

Singing together - not just at the same time

An excellent
a cappella arrangement

... is more than the adaptation of a song for voices. If you are challenged, but not overburdened, you can perceive what the other members of your ensemble are doing while you are singing. In this way, singing at the same time becomes sharing and creating music together. It sounds so simple, but on sheet music it makes the difference between good and great arrangements.


The perfect arrangement is certainly an illusion. Because fortunately, each one of us has very different musical skills and tastes. Top-quality arrangements do not attempt to be perfect. But they pave the way to let every vocalist participate with joy and within the "green zone" of his or her possibilities.


My arrangements for vocal groups are designed to provide the best possible starting point for achieving quick notable success while having fun from the very first rehearsal. With more than 20 years of experience, I focus on catchy melodies - also in the secondary voices, careful use of leaps and a balanced proportion between tension and release.


In the meantime more than 100 of my choir arrangements have been published. Please check if there is one suitable for you or send me a message, if you want me to create an arrangement based on your individual wishes.

Most popular arrangements

"Very good material. Notes very easy to read."
Claudia NAchtsheim
via ChorusOnline
"Great arrangement for female voices by HUMAN"
via ChorusOnline

Mixed voices, female voices & male voices

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A Cappella Sheet Music for

Mixed Ensembles

Here you will find all my mixed-voice pieces - from simple SAB to eight-part fireworks for those who can draw from the full.

A Cappella Sheet Music for

female ensembles

Writing for female voices is always a challenge, because there is comparably little space between the highest and lowest voice, so the voicings need to be crafted with utter precision. Here you can find all my arrangements for female voices.

A Cappella Sheet Music for

male ensembles

My first arrangements more than 25 years ago were for men's voices for my own use. Even though I don't sing any longer with a male ensemble, you will find many arrangements for male voices here.

"I purchased two arrangements today and am very pleased with them and the ability to easily download them at my convenience."

Pauline Daglish - Via Chorusonline

The right sheet music for your ensemble

two approaches

Universal arrangements

When arranging for a cappella ensembles, there are a few general guidelines - for example, regarding the range of voices in each register, or in terms of phrase lengths and voicings (i.e., the way sounds are layered into chords).

This is similar to clothing sizes at your local thrift store and allows me to compose arrangements that fit the needs of as many groups as possible.

Take a look at my selection of universal choir arrangements, maybe you will find something that suits you?

Individual arrangements

Some tenors really excel in reaching the high F-sharp while others struggle to reach such high notes without the use of an oxygen apparatus. There are basses who playfully sing rhythmic figures while snapping cheerfully to them, while others break out in a sweat as soon as quavers appear on the horizon.

The list of individual strengths and weaknesses could be continued indefinitely.

If you want these unique characteristics of your vocal group to be taken into account, you can simply order a custom arrangement.

Any questions? Just drop me a message!

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